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Who We Are

Cross Talk News Mission

To be voices of hope, truth, and inspiration during a time of growing deceit, delusion, and chaos. To share the Gospel of the Kingdom, with generations old and new, through communication in the media.

Promote Biblical values and build a coalition of like-minded influencers to bring meaningful change to society through the renewal of minds, hearts, and souls.

Provide discernment-on-demand, witty wisdom, and happiness and hope through fact-based reporting, grace-based interviews, and Christ-centered live commentary.

Are you tired of the lies, deception, and greed that now govern our modern media? Our nation is in trouble, but we were given a solution 2000 years ago.

The answer is Jesus.

Where worldly media has chased him out to create fear and intimidation, CrossTalk News welcomes Him in as King.

Our Savior wants us to be wise as serpents, yet gentle as doves, so that is what we plan to do – give our viewers enough honest information to make wise and prayerful choices for their family, but to always come back to the Hope we have in Christ.

The devil tries to steal our joy, but God commands us to not worry, and to instead rejoice.

So we welcome you to join us as we boldly go where no news show has gone before…

The Good News you need with the hope of Jesus!

Edward Szall, Lauren Witzke, and Pastor Todd Coconato bring years of professional experience in news coverage, media production, biblical teaching, and insider knowledge of global politics to educate and inspire generations young and old through the lens of the hope we have in Jesus’s saving grace.

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Meet your hosts…

Edward r. Szall

Age – 34

Met Jesus – Through his wife

Favorite Food – English Breakfast

Life Verse – Ephesians 2:8-9

Lauren E. Witzke

Age – 33

Met Jesus – Overcoming addiction

Favorite Food- Hot dogs

Life Verse – Psalm 139:8

Pastor Todd Coconato

Age – 30 something

Met Jesus – ?

Favorite Food- ?

Life Verse –